Glammed To Go!

  YOJANSE JIMENEZ                                                 FOUNDER, GLAMMED TO GO

YOJANSE JIMENEZ                                               FOUNDER, GLAMMED TO GO

As a stay at home parent with 3 small kids, and someone who lives on a budget, I never have time to drive to a salon for a haircut, nor do I have the money to spend a fortune on getting makeup and hair done for a special occasion or event. However, I still like to go out with my girls and have date nights with my husband so I desperately needed a way to look good on a budget with a flexible time frame. (Getting ready to go out in my house, consists of me running around in a towel trying to feed, bathe and put my kids to bed before leaving the house). Needless to say... I have no time. 

ENTER GLAMMED TO GO... My friend and founder, Yojanse Jimenez has created a GENIUS mobile beauty squad JUST FOR ALL OF US BUSY PEOPLE! The working professional, the stay at home mom or dad, or busy college student. Yohanse and his team will take away the hassle of running to a beauty salon for that blowout, makeup application, or even haircut. And they bring the convenience of beauty and all its finer things right to your home, hotel, or anywhere you like. This is perfect for so many of us who work hard every week and desperately look forward to that night out ... enjoy that glass of wine and let Yojanse make you beautiful!!

Quite simply: They glam. And you go. 

  Yojanse GLAMMING me up before my photo shoot...

Yojanse GLAMMING me up before my photo shoot...


With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, Yojanse has worked with brands like Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, PUMA, Reebok, and Macy’s.  His creations have also been at New York Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, and Miami Bikini Swim Week. Likewise, several competitions such as Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and Miss Miami have called on Yohanse to style their finalists. So yea, he's the real deal....